what can I do for you?

A good translation may seem a straightforward task, but in addition to understanding the technical and colloquial Russian of the source text, your translator must be able to conceptualise the meaning and have the skill to transmit this into well-written and convincing English. My academic qualifications and years of experience working full-time as a translator have given me the skills, and my passion for working with language underpins my commitment to do this for you.

  • For law firms I have translated legal opinions, statements of claim, rebuttals, appeals, expert witness statements, analyses of the finer points of Russian law and practice, judgements and resolutions from the Court of First Instance up to Constitutional Court rulings, extracts from relevant legislation and circulars/memoranda issued by the Presidium of the Supreme Court on legislative interpretation
  • For individuals I have translated personal, official, formal or legal documentation from various Russian-language jurisdictions, including birth/marriage/divorce/adoption/death certificates, educational certificates, work records and references
  • For business I have translated contracts, company charters, general business correspondence and negotiations, background information from the media
  • I can certify translations for official purposes if required.
  • If I am unable to accept a text for translation, because it is not a good fit for me or I am fully booked, I will do my best to help you find a suitable translator.